Come ON England…

Having not watched England’s football matches lately (I always believe I bring them bad luck when I do), and having no expectations of them emerging victorious from the forthcoming little matter in Brazil, I was amazed to accidentally tune into them having put 3 goals past Peru.

Having just completed a World Cup-themed radio ad for a client, and knowing it would run through the tournament, I was conscious that it had to allow for the possibility/likelihood/certainty (delete as you see fit) that England’s interest in the affair may not go the distance. We dropped that suggestion in early, just in case people thought that we were being a jinx, like so many sports advertisers – virtually all of Nike’s loudly sponsored players came a cropper in some fashion, last time around…

But now we have emerged victorious (In a friendly) – well, maybe, just maybe, the soundtrack from Brazil will be less like the plaintive cry from Henman Hill – ‘come ON, Tim…’ and more like the sung chant – ‘COME ON ENGLAND!’

Then again, just as you had a sinking feeling when Tim went to a tie break, every England fan knows what happens when we go to a penalty shoot-out (‘out’ being the operative word in our case). To quote the great Flanders and Swann, in ‘A Song of Patriotic Prejudice’ when referring to foreign teams – “they practice beforehand, which ruins the fun!”

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