Jeremy Burring (1955-2014)

In our About Us page on the Bojingles website, I have included a brief obituary, but on a more personal note I want to say goodbye to a friend and colleague who I have been privileged to work with for two periods: at Rediffusion Music in the 1990s, and at Bojingles from 2007 to the present. In between he carried on working as a senior member of the team at what became DMX and now Mood Media, the kingpin of the in-store advertising creative and production team.

In both cases I always found him outstandingly professional as well as fun to work with: we had our moments because he didn’t suffer fools, or foolish client briefs, gladly – but that is part and parcel of the creative process. I always knew that whatever he felt about the demands placed on him, he would do excellent work. He had the musical and mixing desk skills to perform alchemy and turn base materials into golden results. He most enjoyed it when a client had the budget for us to produce a proper sung jingle where he could extend himself musically, whether I asked him to do a pastiche of George Formby, Bertie Wooster, or James Bond.

These results play on still, through the airwaves of some British and Spanish radio stations. Back at Bojingles we will soldier on, with Rob, John and I (and our bank of voiceovers) maintaining the creative and production processes – but there will always be a big gap where Jeremy should be. He has been taken from us way too early, and our hearts go out to his wife Sheila and his extended family.


Chris Ring