Do As I Say, not as I Blog…

If you are going to blog, blog regularly. That is the mantra that we at Bojingles preach to our clients, and they often listen – we have a regular gig writing weekly or monthly SEO articles for several companies, including a health & safety consultancy, a window & carpet cleaning firm, an online bathroom sales operation and others.

So when we suddenly realised that we hadn’t updated the Bojingles Blog Biog for over a year, we recalled how busy we’d been in 2013, writing for others and doing their Google rankings no end of good.

Like the builder who never finishes his own house, we’ve been guilty at Team Bojingles of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

Moral for 2014: Must Do Better. Because when it comes to blogging, More is More…


2 thoughts on “Do As I Say, not as I Blog…

  1. It can be difficult. I have a type of journal on my site that’s due for an update, but I don’t present it as a daily blog, so I’m kinda OK. Lol Best wishes.

    • Hi, thanks for finding this blog and for your comment. Good to hear from you.
      Since writing this piece, I have picked up a job writing more or less daily for a social media agency about (among other things) how you need to interact all the time – so what excuse do I have not to practice what I preach?

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