Enhancing video for websites

One trend that you are unlikely to have missed is the rush to supply moving images on websites. It not only looks good (if done well), it lengthens the average time people spend on site, which is what all website owners crave – most sites achieve less than a minute’s stay.

Informational videos can be made with a simple presenter reading to camera, or can be animated using various techniques, or shot as live action with conventional cameras – it all depends on your budget and the type of communication you want to make – what sort of impression do you wish potential buyers to be left with?

Where does Bojingles fit in? Well our core strengths are creative scriptwriting, writing and producing original musical soundtracks, and supplying great voiceovers. So increasingly we are called in to supply one or more of these elements by video production companies or by clients directly.

We do not normally offer to supply a full video production package – but we can and do renovate old videos that need a new lease of life, or to be edited to remove redundant material. We recently refreshed 3 old videos for the website and YouTube channel of an automotive accessories company, to their complete satisfaction.

So if you need professional help, particularly with the way your videos sound, we at Bojingles are like Mr Spock – all ears…